Is There a Difference Between Fresh and Frozen Fruits and Vegetables?

Currently, you may be finding that your supermarket shelves don’t have much of a fruit and vegetable selection, or maybe you’re concerned about if you are self-isolating that you’ll be getting enough nutrients…

There may be some perception that frozen fruits and vegetables aren’t as healthy or may not contain as many nutrients as fresh, but this isn’t the case. In the UK, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables which we get when they aren’t in season are from different countries, and we know that when they are picked it is usually before they have fully ripened, and as they are transported to us, nutrients may start to decrease. However, with respect to frozen fruits and vegetables, these are frozen soon after they have been picked, at a time when they are ripest (which helps to maintain nutrient levels).

Another benefit of frozen fruits and vegetables is that you can use as much as you need, without having to worry about food waste of the fruit and vegetables expiring. There is the case that frozen fruits and vegetables sometimes have a more soggy texture due to the freezing process, but you can adapt and choose what you do with them based on this. 

It’s best to try and get as wide a variety of fruit and vegetables as possible, and still try and aim for your 5(+) of fruit and veg per day, as they play such an important role with nutrients.

Unsure what a portion of fruit or veg should be, click here for our blog explaining 5 a day and portions.


Daisy, MSc PGDip ANutr, is a Registered Associate Nutritionist with a Master's Degree in Public Health Nutrition, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition, both of which are Association for Nutrition (AFN) accredited. She, also, has a BSc degree in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience; and has completed an AFN accredited Diet Specialist Nutrition course.

Daisy has worked for an NHS funded project, the Diabetes Prevention Programme; and shadowed a nutritionist in Harley Street. 

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