Crop Growing Success in Malawi

Guest blog by Meg

Meg's Update on Malawi

I'm thrilled to share some new photos from the school that I went to visit in Malawi, last October.

In this area, the soil quality is the poorest in Malawi and almost impossible to grow crops in.

Love Support Unite (LSU), supported a local villager, Oli, through his studies to learn the ‘ins and outs’ of harvesting and the science behind soil conservation.

Back in October 2016, all we could see was bare, sandy looking soil and tiny plants that had just started to grow.

Traditionally when seeds were planted here, they were being washed away in the rainy season and all the hard work from the previous year was demolished. One of the techniques that Oli learned in his studies was that by making a ‘keyhole’ shaped soil-hill around each plant, it wouldn’t just protect the seed from the heavy rain but trap some of the water for the dry season, when usually the plants would die off.

I was amazed to see photos yesterday and can’t quite believe the result of Oli’s hard work and dedication.

The school is now able to feed each child daily (450 pupils) and with spare to sell at market, so creating further income to the school.

The school is situated in one of the poorest parts of Malawi and doesn’t receive any government funding, which is why LSU are concentrating on this project.

Contributions from Lucy Bee and our followers, are being directed to this project, which is also the site of the teachers’ homes that we have paid for last year.

You can read about my trip to Malawi here.

Such incredible news! Well done team x 

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