Bamboo Cotton Pads, All you Need to Know

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Use these super soft, reusable, bamboo cotton pads as a replacement for single-use cotton pads.

Each pad can be reused time and time again making it the perfect way to reduce daily wastage and help save the planet, one cotton pad at a time.

  • Wash at 40C in the mesh bag
  • Air dry
How To Use

We recommend using these pads as a replacement to single-use cotton pads to gently remove skincare products, make-up, dirt and grime.

How to use with our Reviving Cleansing Cream – rub the Cleansing Cream in damp hands and massage onto face and neck, then gently remove with dampened cotton pad.

Repeat morning and evening as part of your daily skincare routine.

How to use with our AHA Dazzling Tonic – apply the tonic to the cotton pad, then gently wipe over face and neck - see this video here.

Wash as needed in the mesh bag in a washing machine up to 40C.

Do not tumble dry.


Our Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads are in a cotton mesh bag and secured in a recyclable card box.

Cotton Pad:

70% bamboo
30% cotton

Mesh Bag:

100% cotton

  • How should I wash my reusable bamboo cotton pads?

Wash as needed in the mesh bag in a washing machine up to 40C and leave to air dry as these cannot be tumble-dried. Being made from a natural bamboo and cotton, the pads can change shape and size slightly when washed but are of course still ok to use.

  • How often should I wash my bamboo cotton pads?

It’s entirely up to you but we would recommend washing them after each use.

  • Why should I use these instead of normal disposable cotton pads?

Our bamboo cotton pads are reusable, so they are an environmental and cost-friendly way to remove makeup, dirt and grime.

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