"I made my first purchase in October 2021 and decided to try the Reviving Cleansing Cream and Radiance-Boosting Face Cream. I was very skeptical in trying your products because when I made that purchase, my face was covered in acne, I was absolutely down in the dumps about my skin and how I felt about myself postnatally and I had tried other natural, organic and fragrance free products that claimed to 'help', but didn't, and only made my skin worse. 
Needless to say, your products are unlike anything I've tried before and I will never use anything other than Lucy Bee on my face! Your products have transformed my skin and how I feel about myself - I now glow from inside! I've got some acne scarring left that's still healing, but in the space of four months and through developing a healthy skin care routine by using the Core Collection, Super Serum Duo and Sweet Glow Face Scrub, I no longer break out and hold my beautiful head up with pride! 
I cannot thank you all enough for the products you've created and that you are sharing with the world. Please continue to share your magic and I will continue to be a very dedicated customer of your brand. The values, honesty and ethics of your products is something that I absolutely admire and what your products say that they'll do is what they actually do and this isn't something you find very often. 
Thank you for contributing to my journey and helping me to feel like me again!"
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I physically cannot express how good this company is! The tanning products are flawless- I’m not very good at fake tan and was scared, but you can’t go wrong with this! Looks so natural , smells amazing, fast delivery- love the skin care too- if your in doubt order it !!!!!!


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