"I have oily-combination skin and this trio of products has completely eradicated the nasty pimple breakouts that I suffered with! I've also seen a real improvement in the appearance of my pores and reduction of blackheads.
The cleanser leaves the skin feeling very soft and nourished and has no smell, I use a small amount and wipe it off with the muslin cloth - I still have plenty left of the cleanser from my original purchase so I really feel that it's good value for money, considering I use the product twice daily.
The Dazzling Tonic really feels like it’s working and removing the last of the impurities from my skin and has a little bit of a tingling sensation. Again, great value as after 2 months of use, I'm still on my original bottle.
And finally the lovely moisturiser. It feels rich and a little bit of product goes a long way. It has the slightest botanical sort of odour which is perfectly pleasant but is obviously fragrance free. After years of trying a multitude of products, I'm so pleased to have finally found a range that truly works and is ethically made! :) I will ALWAYS use this from now on!"
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