Organic Chun Mee
Organic Chun Mee

Shibui Chun Mee Organic Pyramid Tea Bag x 15

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This is a robust and wholesome organic green tea from Shibui Leaf Tea.

  • Contains x 15 biodegradable pyramid tea bags - plastic free
  • A green tea containing caffeine

How to use

We recommend brewing this green tea for 3-4 minutes at approximately 80°C.\


The tea bags are made from a biodegradable corn starch which can be put in with the food waste. They are heat-sealed (which means no glue is used) and the paper tag and strings are all biodegradable, too. These are not suitable for garden composting.

The tea bags are placed in a clear wrap, made from Natureflex, which is biodegradable and can be put in with food waste. This clear wrap is also garden compostable.

This is placed into a food-grade, lined tube and the idea is that you use it to store the tea once it's opened.


Green tea.