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Organic Raw Coconut Flour 500g

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Coconut flour is dried coconut flesh which has been cold pressed, to extract the oil, then milled to a flour. It works equally well in both sweet and savoury recipes and is a natural way to add fibre, iron and potassium to your diet.

  • Unbleached with a natural coconut aroma and creamy colour

  • High in fibre, iron and potassium

  • A good source of protein and low in salt

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How to Use

Can be used either on its own or in addition to other flours in recipes such as bakes, breads, pancakes and crumbles or use to thicken sauces and casseroles.
Whisk or sift before using, as you would other flours and we recommend leaving batters and cake mixtures to stand for a few minutes before cooking, adding extra liquid or egg if required.

More Info

What do I Taste Like?
Being a raw, unprocessed coconut flour means the natural coconut flavour, creamy colour and rich aroma is retained.


Where am I From?
Lucy Bee Coconut Flour is milled from organically grown coconuts from the Philippines. The coconut palms grow amongst banana trees in agroforestry, an eco-friendly environment.


Why Fair Trade?
This Fair Trade premium is used to improve the lives of those actual workers, and their families, who produce the coconut flour through:
  • Funds to feed undernourished children
  • Coconut (re)planting programs for sustainability
  • Student subsidy for children of coconut farmers
  • Community development projects
  • Fair wages
  • Life insurance for workers
  • A low-interest lending programme for farmers 


1. How is Coconut Flour made? 

Coconut flour is made from dried coconut meat or kernel. This is cold pressed to extract the oil. What’s left is known as the ‘white cake’, which is pulverised, dried and ground to a fine powder, known as coconut flour

2. What is Coconut Flour?

Coconut flour is coconut flesh which has the oil extracted, then pulverised, dried and ground to a flour consistency.

3.How to use Coconut Flour?

Use in sweet and savoury dishes either on its own or with other flours. See our section 'How to use' for more info.  

4. Does Coconut Flour taste like coconut? 

Our coconut flour is raw, so has a delicious coconut aroma and natural creamy colour. It has a light coconut flavour but this is not overpowering in recipes and in fact, in many recipes you can’t tell that coconut flour has been used.

5. What is Coconut Flour nutrition? 

Lucy Bee Coconut Flour is naturally high in fibre, iron and potassium; a good source of protein; and is low in salt. for full details, see our section 'Nutritional Info' below.  

6. Is Coconut Flour high in fat? 

Lucy Bee Coconut Flour has 11.3g of fat, of which 10.1g saturates, per 100g.

7. How to use Coconut Flour in baking 

Due to its high fibre content, coconut flour is quite absorbent, meaning it’s not a direct swap for other flours in recipes. We recommend leaving cake mixtures and batters to stand for a few minutes before cooking and, if needed, add an extra egg or liquid.

We always sieve our Coconut Flour before adding to a recipe.

8. How do I store Coconut Flour? 

Store coconut flour in a clean, dry and airtight container. Keeping this is in the fridge or freezer, helps to retain nutrients, too.

9. What kind of fibre is in Coconut Flour? 

The fibre in coconut flour is mainly insoluble fibre.

10. Is Coconut Flour grain free? 

Yes, coconut flour is grain free and suitable for the paleo diet.

11. Can you substitute Coconut Flour for regular flour? 

Coconut flour is high in fibre which makes it quite absorbent, so you may need to add extra liquid or eggs. For this reason, you tend to use less coconut flour than regular flour.

12. How to bake with Coconut Flour? 

Coconut flour is great in baking recipes. Always sift before adding to other ingredients and you may need to add extra liquid or eggs, depending on the recipe. This is because its high fibre content makes coconut flour quite absorbent.

13. How many carbs in Coconut Flour?

Our Coconut Flour contains 27.2g carbohydrates, 16.1g of which sugars, per 100g. 

14. How to make Coconut Flour rise

Adding baking powder to a recipe with coconut flour will help it to rise.

15. How to store Coconut Flour bread 

Coconut flour bread should be stored in an airtight container in the fridge.

16. Does Coconut Flour have protein? 

Yes, it does. Coconut flour is a good source of protein and contains 15.8g of protein per 100g.

Nutritional info

100% Organic Coconut Flour


Typical Values Per 100g
Energy (kj) 1757
Energy (kcal) 420
Fat 11.3g
of which Saturates 10.1g
Carbohydrate 27.2g
of which Sugars 16.1g
Fibre 36.5g
Protein 15.8g
Salt 0.3g
Iron 7.44mg
Potassium 2322mg

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21 Reviews

Gracelyn f

I made lovely keto coconut macaroons with this!

Thank you for your review, macaroons sound delicious! This healthy flour is a superfood, naturally high in fibre, iron and potassium. We also have recipe ideas on, thanks! Rian

Margaret C

This flour is so good to make biscuits, crumble tops, fruity bread as I am coeliac it is great, thank you Lucy Bee, as like all your products I buy, couldn't get by without you!!

It really is our pleasure Margaret and we're happy to be able to offer all gluten free products - Lucy is also coeliac so everything in our range is gluten free. Our Coconut Flour is naturally high in fibre, iron and potassium - another great reason to use it! Thank you for sharing your feedback, we really appreciate it. Petrina

Emma-Louise R

marie b


Hi Marie, thank you for our review. Our coconut flour is high in fibre which means it does absorb more liquid than plain flour. it can be used as a crumble topping but usually requires some modifications if following a recipe that was not created for using coconut flour :)


Love this

This is great to hear. I love that this flour is high in fibre and is easy to add to oats and smoothies. If you need any recipe inspiration, check out our website and we'd love to hear your recipes on our social media. Petrina

Emma N

Thank you for sharing your great review, Emma. We have lots of recipes and tips on our website if you are ever looking for inspiration :) Hannah

Lisa T

Takes some getting used to. But learning how to use it in different recipes. X

HI Lisa, Thanks for your review. Coconut flour is high in fibre which makes it quite absorbent so this means using extra liquid or eggs to help achieve the correct consistency - we find that it helps to let the mixture stand for a few minutes so that you can see if you need to add more of either. I hope this helps. Petrina

Reena C

The product came with hair in it. I have photo evidence. I love Lucy bee products and love the Instagram page but this was a let down.

HI Reena, Really sorry that you've had this issue. Please be assured that our products are packed in BRC Grade A facilities where food hygiene is taken very seriously and, obviously, this should not have happened. As per our telephone conversation with you, you're kindly sending us images so that we can share this with our packers and bring this to their attention. We are keen to resolve this as a matter of urgency and will, of course, replace this item. Petrina

Elizabeth H


Great as a four alternative or use half flour and half coconut flour as a more dense flour very flavoursome

Hi Ishrat, that is great to hear. Because the coconut flour is high in fibre, with 40g of fibre for every 100g it is absorbent so we recommend making a blend exactly as you have done. If you are looking for any recipe inspiration using your coconut flour follow this link: Enjoy your products, Jess :)

Erin D

Ruth P

Struggled a bit with crumble recipes do to dry consistency and super absorbent flour. Need to tweak this one a bit .

Hi Ruth, this is because the product is high in fibre and very absorbent, soaking up more liquid! We recommend creating a blend. We tend to use ground almonds and we have crumble recipes on our website which you could try! Check out this link for our Apple and Berry Coconut Crumble - it is delicious! Thank you, Jess

Sarah s

Great for making banana bread with

Hi Sarah, thank you for your review. I love the banana bread too! Our flour is naturally high in fibre and a good source of protein - I love adding it to my morning oats. If you are on social media, make sure to share your creations with us - we would love to see what you are making with the products :) Jess

Wendy P

Great product , great quality and good value !

Thank you for your review, Wendy. We're glad to hear that you've been enjoying your Coconut Flour. If you're after any recipe inspiration then feel free to check our website and social media pages for lots of recipes and tips from Lucy and the team - Georgia
Hi Wendy, we are so pleased to hear you are happy with your Coconut Flour. It is perfect to add to bakes, breads, pancakes or used to thicken sauces and casseroles. I also love adding Coconut Flour into my morning porridge as it is high in fibre and a source of protein. If you are looking for recipe inspiration head over to :) Jess

Holly H

Thank you for leaving a review, Holly. We hope you're enjoying your Coconut Flour - if you're after any inspiration then feel free to check our website as we have lots of recipes on there -

Eleanor W

Another fantastic quality product . What's lovely is the Lucy bee team have loads of receipes to show you how to use the product. Our favourites have included using it in lemon black pepper chicken and paelo chocolate cupcakes. Essential store cupboard item now.

Thank you for sharing this Eleanor and it's great to hear you're enjoying our recipe ideas, too. Petrina

Kirsty-louise M

Ilene C

Really don't know much about this product.I need it for a recipe on Lucy Bee website.

Our Coconut Flour is great to use in sweet and savoury recipes. It's naturally high in fibre, iron and potassium and is a good source of protein as well as low in salt. Check out our website for full details and recipe ideas, too. Petrina

Satnam R

The coconut flour is great I made pancakes and the where soft and fluffy just the way the family like them . After eating the pancake you don’t feel bloated and doesn’t leave a heavy feel on the tummy . Must try

You're making my mouth water, these pancakes sound delicious. Coconut flour is also high in fibre, iron and potassium and a good source of protein so you're getting all of these benefits too! Enjoy. Petrina

Jenna B

A fab product which helps me make clean & low calorie sweet treats & bakes :-)

We're glad you are enjoying the Coconut Flour, we find it gives bakes such a great flavour! We have lots of recipes on our website if you are after any inspiration. Georgia

Michael S