Lucy Bee Eco Mug 400ml in Green

Lucy Bee Eco Mug 400ml - Green Marble

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Our NEW reusable Eco Mug is as eco-friendly as it is stylish. It is:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made with naturally organic bamboo fibre
  • BPA and phthalate free
  • Spill-free with its resealable ‘no drip’ lid
  • Styled with its in-built heat sleeve
  • Helping to reduce waste, every day
  • Take with you to the gym, work or when out and about
  • Makes an ideal present
  • The Eco Mug weighs 145g and in its box is 180g
  • Not suitable for use in a microwave

What’s not to love!

Did you know that every year 100 billion single-use drinking cups end up in landfill, so join us in helping to reduce this waste by using a Lucy Bee Eco Mug.

You’ll also be avoiding the talked-about ‘coffee cup tax’ on disposable cups – this may or may not come into effect but isn’t it good to be ahead of the game?

Why Choose a Lucy Bee Eco Mug

Who doesn’t love a latte on the go but when you stop to consider that the paper cup is used once and then ends up as waste, it really does make you stop and think.

Step in a Lucy Bee Eco Mug, with its multiple-use and care for the environment, ensuring we’re not adding to these startling figures below:

  1. The average life-span of a single-use cup is around 13 minutes.
  2. It’s estimated that over 2 trillion single use paper cups have ended up in landfill, over the last 30 years.
  3. The amount of waste generated by consumers is increasing to a startling 560kg of waste per person, per year.
  4. Every year, half a trillion disposable cups are made globally, which equates to 70 per person on the planet.
  5. It’s difficult to recycle disposable cups due to the fact that they contain polyurethane plastic and only 1% are actually recycled. The remainder either end up in landfill or are burned.
  6. Disposable cups aren’t generally made from recycled paper because of concerns over health risks.

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15 Reviews

Becci C

Feels and smells amazing, very easy to clean and light to hold, does not discolour, keeps very hot but does not burn hands and is eco friendly.

HI Becci, Thanks for sharing this. I love that this is dishwasher-proof too. Petrina

Elizabeth R

Arrived with chip in. Still awaiting replacement.

Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your feedback and we are sorry that your mug arrived with a chip in it. I understand that Petrina has organised for a replacement cup to be sent to you directly from the manufacturer. We are sorry if this has taken longer than expected to arrive with you but we hope you enjoy the mug once you receive it. Georgia

Charlie W

Love it! Light enough to carry around whilst out and about and the little stopper prevents spills .

It's great to hear that you're happy with your eco mug. We get so many compliments when out and about with them! Georgia

Geraldine M

Like the colour and shape, but have yet to try it with a bought coffee.

Hi Geraldine, it's great to hear that you are pleased with your Eco Mug! Have you tried our Cacao and Chai Drinking Chocolate? It's delicious! Jess

Helen G

Just beautiful.

It's great to hear that you're happy with your Eco Mug. Have you tried our hot drinks? We have a Chai Mix, a Turmeric Latte and a Drinking Chocolate! Georgia

Natasha G

I love this and everything that it stands for, its décor is really lovely and striking the only thing that is a downer for me is the staining on the inside, that really puts me off using it, but its a great start for things to come I imagine.

HI Natasha, many thanks for your feedback on our Eco Mug. Sorry to hear that yours has stained on the inside. I've used mine for coffee and also turmeric lattes and haven't noticed any difference. Have you tried putting it in the dishwasher to clean because it's safe to do so. The cup, heat sleeve and lid are all dishwasher-safe. The mug isn't suitable for the microwave, though. I hope this helps. Petrina

rebecca b

love it. love the pattern the feel and the environmental saving made by owning it ♡♥♡♡

I love using mine too and it's good to take with you when out and about to reduce use of single-use cups. I also love that it's dishwasher safe. Petrina

Val B

Daughter is called lucy bell n loves her eco mug

Ah, another Lucy B! It's great to hear that Lucy Bell is loving her eco mug and helping to reduce the use of single-use cups, too. Petrina

Sarah s

Great size, love the design

We're glad you are happy with your eco mug. If you need any drinks recipes to put inside it then have a look at our Chai Mix, Turmeric Latte Mix and Drinking Chocolate. Georgia


For £10 I now have a sustainable, re-usable mug that I can take everywhere! So much nicer than the other commercial crap you get in the shops, full of nasty chemicals and metal - lovely colour, drip proof and sustains our valuable resources!

Thank you so much for sharing this. I love that it's dishwasher safe, too (though it mustn't be used in a microwave). Petrina

Joanna B

Such a cute cup and kept my coffee lovely and hot

HI Joanna, Thanks for sharing this. We love using ours when out and about and it's ideal that it goes in the dishwasher to make sure it's really clean. Petrina

Jacqui M

Love it. X

HI Jacqui, My thoughts exactly - I love mine! It's dishwasher safe, though cannot be used in the microwave and is brilliant to take in the car when out and about. Enjoy using it. Petrina

Fleur-Melissa E

Love the colours! Had lots of comments about it & it’s very handy!

We're glad to hear that you and others are loving your eco mug! Thank you for taking the time to review it. Georgia

Amy J

Lovely ecoffee cup! So colourful as well as practical.

We love using ours when out and about and being dishwasher proof is great too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Petrina

Rachel P

I really love my new Lucy Bee reusable coffee cup. It’s light enough to keep in your bag when out and about for tea and coffee without the need for single use cups. I love the bright pattern. It is also a good size for a nice cuppa!

Thanks for sharing this with us, Rachel. It's great that we can all do our bit in helping to reduce waste. Petrina