Your October Garden - Picking, Planting and Preparation

October's Garden

As the weather starts to change, so does your garden. October may see you spending less time in the garden but what time you do spend will be beneficial for next year’s crops and your enjoyment then. So, wrap up warm to prepare your vegetable patch for next year’s batch, following our guide below.

In the meantime, enjoy some of our recipes using some crops from last month and some from this.

Week One:


Mango and Turmeric Smoothie Bowl topped with blackcurrants

 Plant blackcurrants anytime between now and early spring. Set the canes 1.5-1.8m apart in combined manure and composted soil for maximum fruits, ensuring that your soil is well prepared. Cut all shoots to within 1-2 inches of soil level immediately.


Remove all weeds and then mulch between strawberry rows with matured compost or manure.

Lettuce - harvest

Summer lettuce will be ready for harvest. Cut from the base to enjoy.


Whilst the artichoke scales are still closed, harvest globe artichokes, using scissors to cut and inch down the stem. Be careful not to catch your fingers.


Homegrown radishes

If like us, you happen to have planted any late radishes, you may have a few of these left to pick up and scatter over your salads for extra crunch and colour. All you need to do is pull them up from the ground, wash them and enjoy.

Week Two:




Raspberry canes can be planted from any time now to early spring. Using either matured compost or manure to incorporate into the soil, ensure that the ground is well prepared prior to planting. Refer to the packaging for your specific variety preference on spacing to gain maximum fruits.

Garden Peas

Pea, Kale and Mint Soup  

Harvest garden peas and enjoy sprinkled on salads or incorporated into delicious risottos. Pull pods off the vines and de-pod them into a bowl by popping them open and using your finger to run the peas out. You can eat these fresh or freeze for later.

Winter Cabbage

Cabbage with Juniper Berries

 If you have winter cabbage growing, harvest these now as they begin to mature. If you have a lot of these, chop them up ready for use and freeze them.

Lettuce - sow

Sow lettuce thinly in the ground, approximately 12mm deep and protect under cloches for the winter months.

Week Three:


Red and white currants can be planted from now until early spring. Refer to packet instructions for spacing guidance, to gain maximum fruits. These are easy to grow and great for adding into crumbles, cakes, salads and drinks over the summer months when you harvest them.

Week Four:


Marbled Berry Lollies 

Fruited blackberry and hybrid berry canes can be cut back to soil level for preparation for their next season. This makes more space for the young canes grown this season to grow to maximum potential. You will benefit by getting more fruits as a result.


Thin out lettuce sown under the cloches to approximately 7.5-10cm apart and place the cloches back over.

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